The beach was full I see

I guess I should say "welcome" or something courteous to that end, but such a cliche gets worn out hence it's something I'll avoid. The beach is full, the sun is out, and the water's warm. Why exactly are you here? You can't possibly be interested in me. I'm twixt a rock and whirlpool right now; can't decide whether to think you're here looking to find me or you're honestly lost. You mustn't worry though, I'll loan you my walking stick and usher you around. I shan't allow you to lose yourself, but if you stray away too far from the light, I can't be held accountable for what you might step in.

Lost people get mesmerized by the dripping ink and lose hours watching the drops race. People looking for me get lost in my verbosity and fail to see the "contact me" link above. Curious and nosey people just like reading what I have to say, and never let me know what they think. I'm a curious fellow, let me know stuff. I love trivia, and corrections to my writings are always welcome.

The sandbar's hopping, where next to see?

I'm a traveling maniac. Let me know where I should go and what I should see. I don't care if you think it's stupid or insignificant. The best things to see are the small things you stumble across.