Traveling beach bum

I'm a beach bum, and I like traveling a lot. It's only natural that I call myself the traveling beach bum then. I've gone places and seen many things, and I've always been asked about it. That's why I try to keep track of my travels at a site I've dedicated just for it: If you're interested in what I'm up to, just take a look yonder and poke around.


I come from a medical family. I love medicine, and from a young age was planning on going that route myself. It wasn't until midway through college that I stumbled on software engineering and found that it was so simple for me, yet so hard for everyone else, that I changed my mind and switched fields of study. I guess I'm years ahead of schedule because I'm doing this now, and with medicine I'd be 31 by the time I'd be finished with enough schooling to strike out on my own. I'm highly employable with just my bachelor's, and post-grad degrees are to follow in the upcoming years; perhaps a medical degree just to go full circle.


I have a huge fascination with animation: cartoons, computer generated, stop motion, all kinds. I've always been this way, and I think this is why I like art, even though I'm an engineer by trade. The left and right hemispheres of my brain constantly fight. Confused as to whether I'm right or left handed all the time. I'm a right-handed scribe, ambidextrous drawer, and a southpaw strummer. Switch hit in baseball, threw with both hands, kicked equally with both legs. My brain is in constant confusion. My first glove was a righty, so I threw that way. The holder for field goals couldn't hold for a lefty, so I kicked right. A walking contradiction I am; a hibernating insomniac too.


I don't try to hide the fact that I'm a sports junky. I love the competition, and played many sports growing up. I had to drop almost all sports during college for regulation, time, and title 9 issues (read as no men's sports that weren't non-paying jobs). I'm on my own now with ample time, and I kicked off the freedom by traveling to China to watch the Beijing Olympics. I'm now trying to get back into top form and see what's available for someone my age. Who knows, I may have to start some stuff myself to feed the addiction.

Y'all don't use cute now, ok?

Yes, I use y'all. What southerner doesn't? Florida is considered part of the south, but we don't typically sport southern accents; I can't even fake one and my mom's a genuine southern belle magnolia. What is a better second-person singular, well—one-and-a-half-ular for the grammar wigs out there, word in the English language I ask, yous? Sacrilege! You want second-person singular or second-person general usage? Use "y'all". Care to be explicit in referring to a group collectively? Use "all y'all". Yes, "all y'all" is the plural form of "y'all"; deal with it.

As for the word cute. Don't use it often around me; it's the mother of all four letter words in my dictionary, and I've got a whole laundry list of fourers that I regularly use. The word has no meaning, and sounds horrible. Ask someone to define it, and everyone defines it differently. Few can even come close to defining without resorting to a synonym. I've noticed girls using it far more frequently. So girls, do me a favor, don't use it unless you're describing the way I look (^_^) .